Reactive versus Deliberative Planning

Some months ago I attended an interesting conference from Kanna Rajan,   principal Researcher for Autonomy at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, held at the IACTIVE Intelligent Solutions office in Granada. I was really impressed with the talk, and how they solve real problems by using different artificial intelligent techniques, including Automated Planning and Scheduling. […]

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an excellent AI human example

In complex problems, it is impossible to search the space exhaustively for the very best solution. Suppose, for example, you wear four different articles of clothing (i.e. shirt, trousers, socks and shoes) and you have 10 pieces of each article (10 shirts, 10 trousers, …). Then, there are 10.000 different combinations of clothes you can […]

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Próximo destino: New York

Después de cruzar el charco en 2005 para ir a Perú, lo vuelvo a hacer, pero esta vez para acercarme a la Big Apple. Manhattan me espera para pernoctar, y más concretamente New Jersey, al otro lado del Río Hudson, será mi destino, para asistir en esta ocasión a una demo session en el congreso […]

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WAI Meeting, 21 June

Rianne van Lambalgen : An Agent Model for Analysis of Human Performance Quality A human’s performance in a complex task is highly dependent on the demands of the task, in the sense that highly demanding situations will often cause a degradation of performance. To maintain performance quality usually extra effort has to be contributed. However, […]

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WAI meeting, 7 Junio

Yan Wang : Improve Medical literature Search through Interest-based Query refinement With the fast growing life science literatures on the Web, for scientific researchers, the difficulty of finding the most relevant results is especially obvious when they do not have enough experience to formulate their queries that exactly reflect their needs. While, the users’ previous […]

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Screencast/video demo for JABBAH

I did a (hopefully) nice screencast/video by using iMovie, which I have to say is really easy to use. The screencast is about our tool JABBAH and some experiments we did about an example process for “hospital patients admission”. Feel free to comment about it, give any suggestion, critique, etc… we want to submit it […]

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