Leading in Global Medical Systems

This is about the EU project I’m working on. (I’m copying the original piece of news from University of Haifa website, here): The University of Haifa has launched an international and wide-range research project aimed at developing a computerized system that will enable patients who need to be monitored and their healthcare providers to receive […]

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WAI Meeting, 21 June

Rianne van Lambalgen : An Agent Model for Analysis of Human Performance Quality A human’s performance in a complex task is highly dependent on the demands of the task, in the sense that highly demanding situations will often cause a degradation of performance. To maintain performance quality usually extra effort has to be contributed. However, […]

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WAI meeting, 7 Junio

Yan Wang : Improve Medical literature Search through Interest-based Query refinement With the fast growing life science literatures on the Web, for scientific researchers, the difficulty of finding the most relevant results is especially obvious when they do not have enough experience to formulate their queries that exactly reflect their needs. While, the users’ previous […]

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WAI Meeting, 19 abril

The WAI presentations coming Monday (19 April 2010) will be held in room WN-M607 at 11:00. Robbert-Jan Merk : A computational model on surprise and its effects on agent behaviour in simulated environments. Humans and animals react in recognizable ways to surprising events. However, there is a lack of models that generate surprise intensity and […]

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Sobre OMG

*GMO/OMG: Organismos Manipulados Genéticamente. Querido lector, considera ver los siguientes documentales. Yo los vi en el orden siguiente, uno cada día, claro, por no abrumarme: 1. La poderosa agricultura europea (enlaces en mi último post). 2. La guerra de la soja (online). 3. La guerra de los cultivos transgénicos (online) (download). Si algo de esto […]

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