Screencast/video demo for JABBAH

I did a (hopefully) nice screencast/video by using iMovie, which I have to say is really easy to use. The screencast is about our tool JABBAH and some experiments we did about an example process for “hospital patients admission”. Feel free to comment about it, give any suggestion, critique, etc… we want to submit it […]

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Código Deontológico

Hace un par de meses, una compañera de trabajo me contó que sentía que un administrador de sistemas había violado su privacidad, mirando su directorio de datos a raíz de un problema técnico que tuvo. Este sysadmin, ni corto ni perezoso, observó sus datos y le aconsejó lo que podía hacer para solucionar su problema, […]

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Nunca pensé que se me ocurriría un nombre tan friki, pero así es… este será el nombre del software que estoy desarrollando  para mi tesis: JABBAH has nothing to do with JABBA el Hutt (who, BTW, also needed the android C3Po as translator), but… JABBAH is a Java Application Framework for the translation Between BPM […]

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trick for loops in database

Avoid Loops when Possible Loops can be expensive especially the more operations that you run in that loop. For instance take the following scenario where you need to retrieve a set of integer values from the browser that correspond with a particular record in that database and then output the row. Poor Performance Looping Example […]

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