WAI meeting, 7 Junio

Yan Wang : Improve Medical literature Search through Interest-based Query refinement
With the fast growing life science literatures on the Web, for scientific researchers, the difficulty of finding the most relevant results is especially obvious when they do not have enough experience to formulate their queries that exactly reflect their needs. While, the users’ previous knowledge background (more specifically, user interests) can be acquired through their publications. Hence we propose to provide user interests as contexts for literature search.

Michel Klein : Understanding behaviour change
Treatment for chronic diseases often consists of a combination of lifestyle advices and medication. We are developing an intelligent system with the aim of improving adherence to therapy; often, this implies supporting people in changing their behaviour. The basis of the system is a computational model of factors influencing behaviour. In the talk, I will present you the conceptual version of this model and ask you to participate in a small experiment to validate and calibrate the model.


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