WAI Meeting, 19 abril

The WAI presentations coming Monday (19 April 2010) will be held in room WN-M607 at 11:00.

Robbert-Jan Merk : A computational model on surprise and its effects on agent behaviour in simulated environments.
Humans and animals react in recognizable ways to surprising events. However, there is a lack of models that generate surprise intensity and its effects on behaviour in a realistic way, leading to impoverished and non-humanlike behaviour of agents in situations where humans would react surprised. To fill in this gap in agent-based modelling, a compu-ational model is developed based on psychological empirical findings and theories from literature with which agents can display surprised behaviour. We tested this model in a simulated historical case from the domain of air combat and evaluated three behavioural properties against these simulated runs. The conclusion is that the model captures aspects of surprised behaviour and thus can help make agents behave more realistic in surprising situations.

Roxane Segers : Tmeko: a procedure for the (semi)-automatic creation of complex mappings between synsets and a central ontology
This talk presents some recent work on the Tmeko procedure that will guide non-expert in creating complex mapping for domain wordnet synsets to a central ontology. The procedure was designed to meet the requirements of the Kyoto project that involves creating a wiki-like platform and a knowledge base for information sharing for users in the environment domain.
One of the central notions of the procedure involves mining and processing definitions in order to find the ontological classes the synset needs to be related to. The users will validate these candidate classes and the type of relation by answering simple natural language questions. Some future versions and use cases of the system will be discussed, especially a (semi-) automatic version that does not depend on user participation.



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