Tips: Making a nice poster presentation

Here are exposed some tips i found on the net to make a nice poster presentation:

  • The primary purpose of a poster or oral presentation at a scientific meeting is communication of information and ideas to one’s colleagues.
  • good science, uncluttered and colorful design, legibility and brevity of text, and straightforward organization equal a good poster.
  • It is imperative that an author know the dimensions of the display boards, and whether they are horizontal or vertical, before designing a poster. The author should call the sponsoring society if it does not provide this information along with notification of acceptance of the abstract.
  • It is also helpful to know the color of the display boards to avoid a color clash with the poster material.
  • As a general rule, allow six weeks of discontinuous work to prepare an attractive poster. This allows time to take photos or order photo enlargements, gather all materials, and actually execute the poster.
  • Attention will invariably be drawn to posters with a crisp, clean design and a snappy title. The title must have this strolling audience in mind. It helps to think of a title as a newspaper headline vying for attention.
  • A common criticism of poster sessions is that the author attempts to tell the entire research history. Present only enough data to support your conclusions. However, modesty is not a particular virtue; you should make the significance and originality of the work very clear because viewers from other specialties may not be aware of its importance.

More tips on:

Creating effective poster presentations, George Hess :: Kathryn Tosney :: Leon Liegel.
Poster presentation of Research Work, University of New Castle.
Introduction: Poster Sessions, Colorado State University.
Developing a Poster Presentation, Jeff Radel.

The cause for this post is that i will present a poster in IEEE ICALT08 (The 8th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies), 1-5 July, in Santander.


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