I’ve got the next books from Just waiting for them 🙂

Automated Planning : Theory & Practice, Malik Ghallab (Author), Dana Nau (Author), Paolo Traverso (Author).

“Automated Planning” provides an extremely comprehensive, systematic, and clear coverage of this important and exciting field of AI. Readers will not only gain a deep understanding of the theoretical foundations of planning; they will actually learn how this future-oriented technology is to be applied in a variety of areas. Automated Planning is just the standard AI planning textbook we have been waiting for.

Foundations of GTK+ Development, by Andrew Krause (Author).

GTK+ is one of the most influential graphical toolkits for the Linux operating system. It is the technology upon which the GNOME and XFCE desktop environments are based, and it’s crucial to have clear understanding of its complexities to build even a simple Linux desktop application. Foundations of GTK+ Development guides you through these complexities, laying the foundation that will allow you to cross from novice to professional.

Foundations of GTK+ Development is aimed at C programmers and presents numerous real-life examples that you can immediately put to use in your projects. Some familiarity with C programming is assumed, as the book delves into new topics from the beginning. Topics like object inheritance are covered early on to allow for complete understanding of code examples later. And the provided examples are real-life situations that can help you get a head start on your own applications.

Total for this Shipment: $12.91
Total paid by Gift Certificate: $100.00

This is lovely 🙂


3 comentarios en “Books

  1. 2 cosas: tenemos un problema de descordinación ya que la semana pasada pedí dos libros a Amazon 🙂

    La otra: cómo leches se consiguen los gift certificates esos?


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