Monodevelop and Paper Prototyping

First, I’d like to thank KaL for adding me to Planeta Gnome Hispano. Hi ppl!

iLIAREMA is finding its way. At the moment it basically connect to an ILIAS server, get XML stream of repository objects and put they ordered inside a nifty Gtk TreeView. Then you can work over this TreeView without any net connection, so you save lot of time. But that’s not the real advantage. The real point is that it manage this tree through TreeModelFilter, so that you can do string matching searches within a key press :-), or even select your search by object type .
What’s more, i’m on the process of extracting Beagle Tiles code (no, I can not wait for a libtile release :-P) in order to present kind of information about a selected object.

But not all is going the right way. I’ve arrived to the point where some things need to be changed in the development cycle:

a) Firstly, I need to read thoroughly the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines. Yes, the famous GNOME HIG are a need for a GTK program. Before you read, before you focus your users.

b) Monodevelop. I’ve used 0.10 release for almost all development. The last week i migrate to 0.11 rpm package alien-ized to deb, and i’m not having too many problems, so i will keep it. At the moment there are two main problems for developing something serious with it:

  • i18n is not supported by stetic, the UI designer integrated inside md. So, strings marked as ‘translatable’, as they are in glade files, are not recognized by intltool-update (still they seem to be extracted by intltool-extract, creating a gui.stetic.h file). I’ve filed a bug for it and made a dumb initial patch for intltool-extract.
  • there is no undo feature for stetic, so if you commit an error designing, you need to (at least) delete the modifications and start again. Applauses for Gazpacho here, that feature worth them !.
  • In 0.10 sometimes you copy a container widget (with lot of widgets on it) to the clipboard, and pasteing it on your design resulted in losing the content of that container. This seems to be repaired in 0.11, happily.

c) Paper prototyping. Lgs told me about this. I think that almost all of us usually write down on a paper some schemes of our application, notes on how it should go, etc… but definitely, as iLIAREMA is growing, i need to stop, think, and generate some prototype and some uses cases for it. I will get my reward, for sure.

Here are some templates for printing, and here some tips on it.

Let’s go back to work.


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