Importing ILIAS students from CSV

Some of you may know that i made a PHP script to create a whole structure for my university (categories + tutors + students). The problem with the script was that was developed using ADODB library instead of PEAR DB module. But that problem passed away :). I’ve created a class called ilObjIntegrator that now use PEAR, and I would integrate it within ILIAS as soon as possible. But I would like to do some uses cases for that before anything.

I noticed that I could extend my class from ilObjUserFolder, as it provides methods to get the right directory of export, the right file name, and methods to create the data directory too.

Expect to see a CSV import function at ILIAS soon :-).

Ideas for the User Interface?

Well, i would provide a tight integration that ask you for two files:

The categories CSV file:

Course ID, Group*, Course Name*, Signup Date, Degree*, Study Branch*, Period*, Tutor ID*, Tutor Name*, Tutor Last Name*, Tutor e-mail

The students CSV file:

User ID*, Password*, Last Name*, First Name*, Gender(H|M)*, E-mail, Course ID, Course Name*, Degree, Group, Period, Type

This would create 3 output files named something like: structure.xml, tutors.xml, students.xml (with the corresponding names from getExportFilename function).




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