gaim-remote & mozilla

It seems that this old gnome bounty was solved :).

From the man page of gaim-remote(1):

Begins a new conversation with the given screenname.

Sends the given message to the screenname. Spaces in the message
must be replaced with +.

Opens a chat window in the given room.

Opens a dialog to add the specified buddy to your buddy list.

Jabber Integration with ILIAS is now feasible, and opportune due to Google Talk service ;-). You only have to put something like :


at the browser URL textarea and, when the gaim is running with the Remote Control plugin enabled, it will open a new conversation to nauj!. This is *SO* nice… I’m just thinking on the use cases for ILIAS integration before 3.6.0 release.


I’m going to Vera Beach (Almería) until Monday or so to be some time with my mother and my sisters. Have a good weekend 😀


4 comentarios en “gaim-remote & mozilla

  1. Que te lo pases muy bien Arturo. Las energías tienen que estar a tope para septiembre, así que disfruta de la playa plenamente, totalmente entregado al mar…jeje.

    Ya me contarás.

  2. when i tried to message like
    gaim-remote yahoo:screenname=myname&message=hi
    then the message doesnot sent although the window open
    can anybody tell me why i am not able to send message


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