webCT API and gnome patch

webct api

This morning i’ve been playing with WebCT API, cause i was thinking some time ago about providing integration between WebCT and CEVUG homepage with an autosignon procedure. So, i made a perl script, and it runs well, but… it did nothing about password. No? No. It seems that webCT API is only about generatin a MAC (Authentication Code) with md5, but nothing about verifying the password… so, we have 2 problems. f***.

gnome patch?
I’ve been thinking these days about a simple little patch to gnome panel screenshot. So i jhbuild my gnome 2.9.x system and i find the files i was searching for in gnome-utils/gnome-screenshot. I will try to add a function like:

char *screenshot_dialog_get_viewer (ScreenshotDialog *dialog);

and use:

GnomeVFSMimeActionType gnome_vfs_mime_get_default_application(const char *mime_type)

so i can open the just captured image with the default image editor (GIMP, eog…) for the current mime type (PNG, JPG, whatever…)

or perhaps gnome_vfs_mime_get_all_applications, gnome_vfs_mime_type_get_short_list_applications for a list of posibilities.

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