ilias finally running on sunOS

After a month and a half, we’ve been able to deploy ILIAS into University “computer farm”, which use sunOS 5.8. The trick seemed to be the version of the compiler, something i had seen in some forums and that was confirmed by the opinion of some friends (erny, boy of the week, advised me again last wednesday). So we changed it back to gcc 2.95 and kicked off gcc 3.2.2. Recompile all the libraries and packages, apache 1.3.33 and php 4.3.10, and… HOORAY!

Always that you want to compile php as CGI, you MUST give configure the next parameter:


If you use another one like:


then you’ll be lost beneath the ocean…. you’ve been warned!

Next thing to do is to clone the installation to all the machines and share a data directory somehow between then (nfs to the rescue), some benchmarks about remote connection to mySQL and look into connection pooling methods through SRM and SQLRelay.

Have a good weekend.


9 comentarios en “ilias finally running on sunOS

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