last days

Last thursday i missed last hour of my english class to go the the concert of Dulce Pontes, if you don’t know her here you have some info about her life; she’s one of the better voices i’ve ever heard. The show was pretty nice and it last what was expected.

Friday night i took the train to Barcelona. My cousin would get married saturday afternoon in the church of Pedralbes. The weekend was really exciting, i saw a lot of familiars that i missed for a long time. The sunday we went to my aunt new ‘palace’ (yes, they are rich people), in “avenida del tibidabo”, an old private school that they need to reform. The house is really nice, but i think it will finally cost about 3.5 million euros (600 millions of old pesetas) which is not so good… sure.

At the end we came back home sunday evening, after having lunch again with all the people and drunk for the good future of the ‘recently married’.

Today i had a bricomanía day, and i finally hung the shower curtain, what was a need.


8 comentarios en “last days

  1. There is always a realistic way to fulfill any dream. There has never been a dream that you can’t have–at least, not the heart of it, not the part you love the most.

  2. Success is having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that is it not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.


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