don’t be a bofh (if possible)

Saturday morning i woke up hearing horrified the hateful noise of my mobile phone. 9.30 a.m., a strange and never-heard-before (hey!, acme brand adjective :-)) melody sounded around the living-room for some seconds,..perhaps minutes. Finally i catch it. “Hello?”. At the other part it was Paco telling me this wonderful message: “Arturo, sorry me for awaking you up, but the platform has died…could you please check it from home? Karina and Meri are at Empresariales waiting for you to fix the problem, so they can give their respectives presentations of WebCT to CAP students”. So, i answer him: “Oh,…ok,…ahm, i will go there as soon as i can, as ssh isn’t running either”.

When i arrive to Real Hospital, it was empty, as expected, so i ring for the guard to go out. “Hello my friend!” Come in …

What happened was that the fuses for the plugs of the room where the server is kept were off. Only them. I was absolutely delighted with the event, of course!

So, please, people hearing me from the outter space,… DON’T BE A F***ING BOFH (IF POSSIBLE).

I need to relax, so I will go to cinema this afternoon, running away from the football match of the year. Perhaps “coffee & cigarettes V.O.”, where the great Roberto Benini comes again to scene.

P.S., Jaime: Spain will suck in tech jobs for some centuries. Don’t know if is possible (or good) to change this. But anyway, I love Kandinsky, so I feel good (i.e.). Keep your thoughts abstract enough and you will be the happiest one in the world. For sure. That is the main reason for us to go on walking … isn’t it?

Have a good weekend.


8 comentarios en “don’t be a bofh (if possible)

  1. Life experience teaches that we generally get back what we put out. If we don’t like what we are getting back, we should examine what we are putting out.


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