ILIAS minutes of jour fixe, 3 nov

This afternoon i’ve received the second interesting piece of news about the near future of ILIAS. The first one was the meeting of ILIAS team with Sun Microsystems. The second one is the next meeting they are having with Novell, 19th November. It seems that, again, as in 1995, i had a feeling (as many of you daily readers!) about what the future holds in store for us. Then was Linux, and now, perhaps, it’s the time for ILIAS in another scope: e-learning. What about changing my actual job to futurologist? Who likes developping if you can predict who’s the next Pantoja’s macho boyfriend?

In other scope, it seems that Adobe is moving to Linux slowly, and “HP predicts that desktop Linux will outship Mac OS in 2004”, so my good friend JAB, you would have the need to pick on the powerpc release of ubuntu and start trying it before the bull catch you! (it’s only an advise, don’t worry about that :-P).


12 comentarios en “ILIAS minutes of jour fixe, 3 nov

  1. Menudas perlas:

    – Pantoja’s macho boyfriend (no comments)
    – futurologist (esto existe?)
    – before the bull catch you!!

    me desatornillo de risa

  2. pos futurologist si que existe! y no te lo digo en alemán …porque no se! XD… el jab se va a tener que tatuar un ‘bull’ en el trasero, como aquella de la que no hablamos…juas! (y tu unos zapatos).

  3. Life experience teaches that we generally get back what we put out. If we don’t like what we are getting back, we should examine what we are putting out.

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