Cenando en el CONVIVIUM


Sometimes the monkeys travel to strange places where they can eat ‘almendras’


In this city you can meet a lot of gnome lovers


You can explore monuments at Mérida, like this “Temple of Diana” (however, the man in the picture is also a monument himself)


You could also watch extremadura folklore dance if you like!!! ya-HEY!


And visit the National Museum of Roman Art

Lot of fun in GUADEC-ES, where the organization behaviour was quite impressive. We met again a lot of GNOME lovers, and learnt something new, sure. People from Galicia, where next GUADEC-ES will be celebrated were so nice, as well as the people that tried to explain something to the new developers that are, included myself, coming to GNOME desktop.

So, i’m sad some of you didn’t come, but also sure that next time you won’t dismiss the chance to go “A Coruña”.

PD: If you ever go to Mérida, let’s have a dinner at CONVIVIUM restaurant, near “Templo de Diana”. Lot of barbecued meat and barbecued greens mixed with a bit of self-made gorgeous wine. :)~

Really nice been there.


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