python -> php via xml-rpc

my idea to comunicate a gnome applet with IILIAS open source is quite simple. Let’s see:

First, we have to do an xml-rpc server with PHP. Think that the incutio library is the easier. Why? ok, this is the server:



/* Functions defining the behaviour of the server */

function getTime($args) {
return date('H:i:s');

function helloClient($args) {
return("hello client");

/* Create the server and map the XML-RPC method names to the relevant functions */

$server = new IXR_Server(array(
'test.getTime' => 'getTime',
'test.helloClient' => 'helloClient'


Ok, seems simple, uh? Now let’s see from the python interpreter:

>>> import xmlrpclib
>>> j = xmlrpclib.Server('')
>>> j.system.listMethods()
['system.multicall', 'system.listMethods', 'system.getCapabilities', 'test.helloClient', 'test.getTime']
>>> >>> j.test.getTime()

And that’s all folks!!!!

look at: jargon file with python + php


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