news from the front

Tuesday afternoon i had a meeting with Antoine Bidegain, from L’Académie de Bordeaux, France, to talk a little about ILIAS open source. He’s working for the central government in France, and their project is being successful enough. We were talking for about 2 hours and a half of diferent aspects of ILIAS (he talked with excellent spanish, so i didn’t need to clown around with my 4-words-level french :D).

They have used it for 18 months without problem to teach 30.000 on-line students coming from 30 learning centers, with 30 diferent ILIAS instalations on the same machine (a pIII xeon biprocessor with 3GB ram). So the talk was absolutely encouraging :). I think we can start to share projects, and ILIAS is on the good way to steady itself. We talk about the open source way, and the need of funds for the project at Cologne to go on for years.

Finally, i give him some outlines of what can be done at development, integrating jabber with ILIAS, doing gnome panel applets to comunicate over XML-RPC with the platform itself, and he was amazed with the ideas :). He also shown me some screenshots of the new usability redesign, presented last week at Cologne, while he was at the carnival party there (good luck and lot of beer). The screenshots are here and here. Lots of differences with actual poor UI! :).

Besides, he told me that here in Granada he had seen a lot of interest and people really enjoy doing things, more than other places (not Germany of course, we agree they are absolutely great and efficient people, and that because ILIAS open source seems to have a great present and future).

So, now is time to do some use cases of ILIAS & Jabber integration and send it to Matthias Kunkel, their project manager :). Do you want to join me?


10 comentarios en “news from the front

  1. There is always a realistic way to fulfill any dream. There has never been a dream that you can’t have–at least, not the heart of it, not the part you love the most.

  2. Success is having a flair for the thing that you are doing; knowing that is it not enough, that you have got to have hard work and a certain sense of purpose.


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