scapy, a python interactive packet manipulation tool

– from the manpage:

scapy is a powerful interactive packet manipulation tool, packet generator,network scanner, network discovery, packet sniffer, etc. It can for the
moment replace hping, 85% of nmap, arpspoof, arp-sk, arping, tcpdump, teth-
ereal, p0f, …

scapy uses the python interpreter as a command board. That means that you can use directly python language (assign variables, use loops, define functions, etc.) If you give a file as parameter when you run scapy, your session (variables, functions, intances, …) will be saved when you leave the interpretor, and restored the next time you launch scapy.

– some examples:

Protocol scan:
sr(IP(dst=”″, proto=(1,254)))

ARP ping:

ACK scan:
sr(IP(dst=”″)/TCP(dport=(1,1024), flags=”A”))

Passive OS fingerprinting:

Active OS fingerprinting:

ARP cache poisonning:
sendp(Ether(dst=tmac)/ARP(op=”who-has”, psrc=victim, pdst=target))


4 comentarios en “scapy, a python interactive packet manipulation tool

  1. apt get, ja, dejé! dejeve nanana….

    searching for melody, my friend 🙂

    mirad el blog de sterling hughes, pone cosas muy chulas a veces, como lo de tmpfs y los tricks para el mozilla


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