gané free hosting por un año!

free dotgeek hosting
agonzalez: so, …have we all won the free hosting, really?
gurugeek: yes 100 MB one year, PHP, Mysql
gurugeek: you name it 😀
gurugeek: well if you need it of course
gurugeek: 1 year
agonzalez: it would be useful for me :)~
agonzalez: , i’m just starting to participate at ilias (php-based) e-elearning project
agonzalez: and it would be useful to have a live server with some things about this, and other projects there
gurugeek: sure
gurugeek: then email me at guru at dotgeek org
gurugeek: and I will set it up but in about 10 days
gurugeek: because I am bit …..busy but within 2 weeks
gurugeek: it will be up and running
gurugeek: perhaps faster then that 😀
agonzalez: so let me think the name and i’ll write you this week
agonzalez: ok, thank you very much for your effort
gurugeek: thanks to you
gurugeek: very welcome 😀

sencillamente geniales, no solo se curraron el marathon, si no que han premiado a los 14 valientes que mandaron (-amos) algo de entre 178 inscritos con 1 año de hosting gratuito en, con ftp, etc….


pd: enlavin, malglam, teneis vuestras 33’3mb, por su-pu-esto! felicidades!

¿any idea about the name?

7 comentarios en “gané free hosting por un año!

  1. Diooooooooossss, que tio!!!!!

    Si al final de to hacer el gilipollas delante del portátil durante 5 horas va a dar frutos y to. Es que hay que joderse 😉

    Has triunfao!

  2. Hope begins in the dark, the stubborn hope that if you just show up and try to do the right thing, the dawn will come. You wait and watch and work: you don’t give up.


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