dotgeek php marathon

Saturday i was at “Terence Blanchard” Jazz show, and then i went out to a party at “La Marquesa”, in “La Zubia”. It was a strange night,..the place, the people, it was like a film. So, i didn’t do anything of what i was supposed to do: PROGRAMMING.

Yesterday, after coding some lines of the problem proposed by dotgeek for their php contest, i went to enlavin and malglam house to get some net cables that i needed. Finally, we ended programming together. We had 5 hours to solve the problem, but it was really impossible. The last hour was really funny. I couldn’t stop laughing. Jabber authentication, file upload, css, etc…and something that was not done, like highlighted tutorial code view, etc… We had no time enough. But it was funny. We submitted the solution 2 minutes over the time, so i hope they will not look at it :P. It does not run well! (but almost!).

The next time i will use the 28 hours that i had, sure ;). Thanks to enlavin and malglam for their kindness.


8 comentarios en “dotgeek php marathon

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