De entre las que yo vi en CAEPIA’07:

AI Planning & Scheduling at the European Space Agency:Current Results and Future
Nicola Policella

Path Recovery in Multiobjective Frontier Search
L. Mandow and J.L. Pérez de la Cruz

Update: Mejor premio artículo científico CAEPIA 07:

Efficient pruning of operators in planning domains
A. Jonsson.

Improving HLRTA*(k) (I-47)
C. Hernández, P. Meseguer.

Research directions at the European Centre for Soft Computing: Soft Computing in Forensic Identification.
O. Cordón

Three-dimensional anisotropic noise reduction with automated parameter tuning. Application to electron cryotomography
J.J. Fernández, S. Li, V. Lucic.

Sliding mode control of a wastewater plant with neural networks and genetic algorithms
M.A. Jaramillo-Morán, J.C. Peguero-Chamizo, E. Martínez de Salazar, M. García.

Olive fly infestation prediction using automatic learning techniques
J. del Sagrado, I.M. del Águila.

Dynamic support in ADAPTAPlan: ADA+
O.C. Santos, S. Baldiris, J. Velez, J.G. Boticario, R. Fabregat.

y alguna que se me olvida, seguro…

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